Kat Crimson

Kat Crimson is a trailblazer, forging her path towards a new wave of cerebral erotica, which engages the brains, the hearts and the loins of her readers in equal measure, adding depth and dimension to what has, in the past, widely been considered to be a genre comprised only of talentless perverts. Simply not true.

Kat Crimson is a warrior for the cause, on a mission to prove that erotica can arouse the mind as much as the middle bits and that kink can be quality.

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Reluctance Jonz

She's rough around the edges and swears like the sailor she used to be in her last life, but Reluctance Jonz is still one charmingly saucy and wicked wench.

If you're into the darker side of consensual sex, such as coercion, forced submission and blackmail, and you like your speech plain, blunt and bold, then you'll lover her work!

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Zooey Crypto

Enticed, at a young age, by the inexplicable things that go bump in night, Zooey has always harbored an illicit passion for the supernatural. She would read under her covers, by flashlight, about witches, demons, monsters, aliens, dragons, vampires, fairies and the other paranormal and sci-fantastical denizens that occupied her thoughts and her dreams.

It wasn't long before they hungered to get out, demanding that she put pen to paper and tell their tales. As she grew older... they became much more wicked.

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Chastity Lilywhite

Don't let her wide eyed innocent look fool you. She may look like sugar and spice, but underneath, Chastity's demure, virginal demeanor lies the heart of a vivacious vixen who doesn't balk at the chance to illuminate for you the most vulgar and volcanically hot of her sexual fantasies.

Focusing on sexual awakening, taboo relationships and unprotected encounters, she will have your pulse quickening and your panties dampening within her first paragraph.

Rivers Divine

After flunking out of film school, this intense young man, some are calling a creative genius, hitched around the U.S. searching for purpose in the greasiest spoons, diviest bars and raunchiest strip clubs he could find.

With plot lines thinner than the imaginary paper they're printed on and characters so one-dimensional it hurts, his writings read like b-grade movies, destined for instant cult classic status. His 'books' are so bad they're good and they're just long enough...

For what, you ask? If you have to ask, they're not for you.